The Life and Times of a Skirted Vintage Thrift Shopper

We Ain’t So Proper…

Exhaustion is the word of the day…so this shall be short n sweet.

Today I felt a bit like an English schoolmarm…but in a good way! My outfit today seemed very proper and classic, which is great, but I didn’t want to overdo it… I added suede and black patent platform peeptoe bootie-ish shoes (ha) and made sure my hair wasn’t too coiffed. Although you can’t quite tell from the pics, it was perfectly mussed. lol!

Today I thought of my Great Grandmother, Nan. She would have loved this outfit… It seemed funny when I pulled my bag of Scotch Mints (Nan’s fave) out of my clutch and saw that like me, they were also wrapped in plaid. lol!

Nan was a really great lady and I can’t believe she’s been gone about 8 years. I wish I could share a photo of her with you, but the scanner isn’t working…so another day. Anyway, she was a wonderful person and I felt happy knowing I was wearing something she would have liked.

Til next time,

X -S.

Wool Navy Blazer: thrifted, $6.99 Wool Plaid Skirt: thrifted, $5.99 Silk Cream and Black Pinstripe Blouse: thrifted, $4.99 Navy Clutch: thrifted, $3.99 Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory, $16.99

My lovely husband in the reflection! lol!





Mussed Chignon!


Plaid packaging


One response

  1. Genesis F

    LOLZ at Jon in the reflection in the first picture. I love the hair!

    March 7, 2011 at 12:05 am

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