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Hiya, Boston

My new blog! yay!

Alrighty, let’s get right to business 🙂    My latest thrifting adventures have been a success! I’ve grabbed a ton of new items and will defs post them soon! For now, I thought I would share my thrifting outfit of choice 🙂

I heart cashmere

Cashmere sweater: $10 TJ Maxx, Wool skirt: vintage thrifted $5, Belt: vintage thrifted $3, Suede Boots: Target $30

The belt is amazingggg. It becomes wider in the back…or front? I wear it with the buckle in front or back, depending…if it’s worn in the back it looks cumberbund-esque.              


So yes…needless to say, I had a grand old time and ravished the dress racks with my sexy vintage prowess! lol! As I said, photos of my finds will soon be added 🙂 And after all of my hard work, I deserved a treat!   


Not to worry, I did not “dessert” ..ahem.. my diet or exercise regimen! lol!  Stay tuned, Lovelies!!! XOXO! -S.