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We Ain’t So Proper…

Exhaustion is the word of the day…so this shall be short n sweet.

Today I felt a bit like an English schoolmarm…but in a good way! My outfit today seemed very proper and classic, which is great, but I didn’t want to overdo it… I added suede and black patent platform peeptoe bootie-ish shoes (ha) and made sure my hair wasn’t too coiffed. Although you can’t quite tell from the pics, it was perfectly mussed. lol!

Today I thought of my Great Grandmother, Nan. She would have loved this outfit… It seemed funny when I pulled my bag of Scotch Mints (Nan’s fave) out of my clutch and saw that like me, they were also wrapped in plaid. lol!

Nan was a really great lady and I can’t believe she’s been gone about 8 years. I wish I could share a photo of her with you, but the scanner isn’t working…so another day. Anyway, she was a wonderful person and I felt happy knowing I was wearing something she would have liked.

Til next time,

X -S.

Wool Navy Blazer: thrifted, $6.99 Wool Plaid Skirt: thrifted, $5.99 Silk Cream and Black Pinstripe Blouse: thrifted, $4.99 Navy Clutch: thrifted, $3.99 Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory, $16.99

My lovely husband in the reflection! lol!





Mussed Chignon!


Plaid packaging


The Thin (Wo)Man

If anyone has ever watched ‘The Thin Man’ series, then you’ll no doubt be acquainted Myrna Loy’s fabulous wardrobe throughout the films. From gorgeous suits with huge fur collars, to slinky evening wear, she plays Nora Charles to perfection; sarcastically witty and simply dazzling.

My outfit today isn’t what I would really consider close to any of her outfits, but it is lightly inspired. A simple black dress with a velvet blazer. 

Black Dress: H&M, $10.00 Belt: thrifted Blazer: thrifted Clutch: thrifted Shoes: Marshalls, $16.99



vintage 80's clutch


Close-up of Blazer pattern


As I said, it’s lightly inspired. There’s only one Nora Charles..and only one actress beautful enough to create her for us.

XO -S.

Myrna Loy